Tracy-Arm Terror Wilderness Tour

Some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska is arguably found in some 650,000 acres of Tracy Arm Fjord and The Ford’s Terror National Wilderness.
Sail South from Juneau and into a breathtaking 25 mile long fjord where shear rock walls ascend on both sides to heights near 5,000 feet. You’ll be surrounded by a hundred waterfalls nearly a mile high on your way to some kayaking among the ice bergs of S. Sawyer Glacier.

You’ll spend two nights in Holcomb Bay at the foot of the Fjord with stunning views toward Endicott Arm. There are brown and black bear, mountain goats, whales, sea lions and harbor seals. Even Grey wolves are in the area.

On the way down or the way back, spend a night at Taku Harbor. Explore its turn of the 20th century ruins, paddle the protected peaceful waters of the bay watching for bears, Bald Eagles and waterfowl or talk to local fisherman and boaters you’ll meet. This Excursion can be done in 3 days or 4 with a relaxing night at Taku Harbor.

Make it a seven days excursion and sail through a constricted narrow cut accessible only at slack high tide and head into the magic of Ford’s Terror, a fjord full of mist, waterfalls and wildlife with no end to of scenes to explore among the Coast Mountains. Once inside, Shamrock spends the night anchored in a wonderland until at least the next slack high tide. There’s plenty of time to explore here far from civilization.

Before heading back toward Juneau, you’ll take in the Dawes Glacier at the end of Endicott Arm.

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