Long Distance Ocean Expeditions

Video by John Joeright

Seeking the Extreme?

Extreme experiential long distance blue water voyages.

For the ambitious, we offer long distance blue water ocean passages to the exotic, rarely seen places in the The North Pacific, Bering Sea and Arctic Oceans.

We offer trips anywhere in the North and South Pacific Oceans. Expect extensive planning periods pre-passage and a serious commitment. Call for details.

There’s nothing like waking for a landfall after 37 days of water fuel and food conservation.  It can be a rough demanding passage or it can be normal. Worse, it can be days of calms.  I’ve experienced some of the most Perilous conditions, remote locations blissful voyages any sailor could wish for.
We offer a blue water experience you WILL not find anywhere in Alaska. I have 30,000 miles of transoceanic passage confidence to ensure a safe but challenging voyage.

Don’t be disappointed by the things you didn’t do 20 years from now

The Aleutian Island chain from Kodiak to Adak via UnAlaska and Cold Bay.

These are complicated float plans so please call for details and requirements. The Aleutian islands comprise the only American soil invaded by the Japanese during WWII and has a extraterrestrial feel with its Ring of Fire Pacific Rim of volcanoes.

Boat deliveries

Captain John can help you navigate the Alaskan waters or transport the boat for you.  Contact him for more information on his services. 

Passages downstream on the Japan Current from, the Aleutians to all Points to south along the Alaska Gulf coast.

Venues include Valdez, Seward, Whittier, Prince William Sound, Yakutat, and the base of the Yukons Mt. St. Elias and Lituya Bay. 

We offer Base camp services and sea transportation for mountaineers.


we offer transportation and base camp services to hunters at all time of the year.

Trips after October 15th must be scheduled and confirmed before August 30th.  

Please note that Deadhead fees may apply.